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* Product Promotion and Distribution

* Fundraising Events

* Special Events

Product Promotion and Distribution

We are excited to tell you that our Route 66 Soda is the number one product we promote at Shuriken Promotions & Vending!

We now have 7 scrumptious flavors! Root Beer, Back Cherry, Grape, Orange, Creme Soda, Blue Berry and Lime! 

All sodas are made with pure cane sugar and are a tourists main attraction while traveling down Route 66!

Special Events
​Shuriken Promotions is widely known for our   special events. Battle of the Bands is one of our favorites!


 We have promoted Tough Man Contests, Kickboxing Events, and entertainment as well!





Shuriken Promotions promotes all different types of fundraisers for many different causes.  

We have a passion for foster children and and we are in the process of promoting a fundraiser to raise funds for a "Birthday Box" for Foster Children of Mohave County. We are excited to be partnering with "Together We Rise" for this awesome fundraising event.


One of the Fundraisers Shuriken Promotions is most proud of was teaming up with Kaibab Productions to help raise money for Jane Seymour's Camp Soaring Eagle  located in  beautiful Sedona Arizona.




Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​



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